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Technology Debt Collection processing is on the rise. Technology and software companies have become the largest and most profitable businesses in the world within their short existence of the past 35 years. From global leaders with trillion-dollar valuations like Apple, Inc. Microsoft Corporation and Alphabet (Google) to start-up SaaS providers, this sector will continue to expand and be pivotal for world development indefinitely. Technology debt collection has been expanding, collecting revenue from clients has been vital to the durability of any of the successful companies. As times change, securing payment from clients has become harder though for tech and software companies.

A general consensus is that a good portion of the technology sector has changed from a product sales business model to a subscription-based service. Where companies used to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for business software systems, providers now offer licenses to use these systems for a monthly fee. While this has sent profits surging it has also produced an accounting liability when subscription fees go unpaid. 


Technology and Software Debt Collections

Technology and Software Debt Collections Unfortunately for many of these companies their ability to sell subscriptions outpaces their ability to effectively establish billing protocols and procedures. The result of this can be devastating to the extent that many companies have unpaid subscriptions that go on for months before being addressed as even being late. Many SaaS providers do not even send late notices when payment is not received by the due date. When this happens, recovering the past due amounts can become exponentially more difficult. When confronting customers with their balances many will decide to shop similar services versus paying an arrears balance. 

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